My Travels

I will be the first to admit I am not a writer. So when my mom’s friend suggested I start a blog about my travel experience, I liked the idea but I thought “Me? I don’t know how to write well and I don’t know the first thing about having a blog” So I thought about it and decided I wanted to start a blog to share with other cooks and adventurers out there. And why am I talking about my vegetarianism in the same sentence as my travels? Well it just so happens that I became a vegetarian during my last trip, which was a backpacking trip through South America.  

But let’s back up a few years and take a quick trip down memory lane. It started when I was at university, which would be the University of Colorado.  That was about the time I realized besides heading south of the border, I have not traveled far a wide, like a lot of people I knew. Something had to be done. So for spring break 2008, my roommate and I booked tickets to South Korea to stay with her brother who was living and teaching English over there. And what an experience that was…and I mean food wise, culture wise…everything was exciting and new to me. Granted to say I loved the experience and decided to make it (meaning traveling) a goal to myself. So after graduation I took off with my backpack and a friend that summer and spent a month or so traveling Europe.

Next destination, New Zealand. This was a month later. I packed my bags and left at the end of August with a work visa and no actual plan where I was going to work and live.  Fast-forward…7 months passed and I had a job and a house in a small little town named Kaikoura, which I called home. I thought to myself this is the life (meaning backpacking), so after my stay in New Zealand, I took a two month excursion to Peru and Colombia. I mean why not? If that wasn’t enough six months later, in January of this year, I flew down to Uruguay and started my latest backing adventure in South America. That brings us up to date on my most recent travels.