Hello to all! My name is Meghan and I am from the San Francisco Bay Area, more specifically the East Bay. Growing up I was quite literally the pickiest eater I have ever known. I ate three things…and three things only! And this went on for years. Here was my menu as a child… 1. Scrambled eggs, only in the microwave, 2. Hot dogs only with ketchup and mustard and 3. Kraft mac & cheese but ONLY the Deluxe kind with the “squeezy cheese” as I called it. As you can imagine my parents had no hope for me and the world of food.

Come 25 years later, now almost 26 (yikes!) I am a home cook with a passion for bold and flavorful foods. And being a vegetarian (we will get to that story shortly) I found there is a plethora of variation and inspiration to cook with from the simplest of foods. How you ask did I go from eating eggs solely out of a microwave to eating highly seasoned and ethnic inspired dishes? Well I would have to say traveling has inspired my answer.  Traveling has really opened my eyes (and mouth) to the bountiful array of fruits, veggies, nuts, grains etc. that Mother Earth has to offer. It is quite amazing what we can do with just a few simple ingredients and how we can make completely different dishes time and time again.